Am I Right to Doubt this Advanced Guy Is Really Into Me For These Reasons?
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sad-black-woman couple rapeI met this guy Ade, through an uncle. He’s advanced in age, separated from his wife and they don’t have kids together. I have reasons to doubt his sincerity about our relationship.

I hear that they are still going through the divorce process. I don’t know Ade’s wife as he was introduced to me after their separation. I see him as a nice guy but what amazes me is that each time I visit him, he always complain of been broke and in the end, he won’t even give me transport money to go back home.

Initially, I thought it was because of the divorce he’s going through but it’s been months now. Some days back, I visited him and this time we had sex. That day he still complained that he doesn’t have any money in the house.

I’ve also noticed that he refuses to pick some calls he claims is from his office. When he once made a call in my presence, I heard a lady’s voice who said, “hello dear” two times. I could hear her because the phone’s speaker was loud enough. Unfortunately, the call ended abruptly due to bad network and this makes me doubt his fidelity.

I am not really after money in a relationship but I want to know if it is Ok for him to be unbothered about how I transport myself back or send me some money. Should I also be worried about this lady who he called? I don’t want to make a mistake again.

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