Apostle Suleman Sex Scandal: Stephanie Otobo Releases Bank Statement & More to Confirm Allegations
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Apostle Johnson SulemanIt looks like there is more trouble brewing for founder of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, as his alleged estranged lover, Stephanie Otobo, has released new evidence to prove that her allegations may be true.

Otobo in a recent interview done in Toronto, Canada said Suleman froze her new account thinking it was her old account where he allegedly sent in money several times.

Sahara Reporters obtained a statement of the bank account which showed that in the period between June 1st and December 31, 2015, Apostle Suleman made direct deposits totaling at least N2million into Otobo’s account as their romantic relationship blossomed.

The first deposit of N900,000 was deposited on July 22, 2015, followed by a smaller deposit of N200,000k on September 2, 2016. A week later on September 14, while she was visiting Nigeria, the controversial cleric deposited N1million into her account.

In November 2015, Suleman appeared to have changed the manner of depositing funds into the account, resorting to using other people.   On November 4, one Adewunmi TO made a web-based deposit into the account.

Towards the end of 2015, another person, Gbenga Adegbadebo, a Nigerian based in Canada, allegedly acting on Suleman’s behalf, made three deposits: N340,000 on November 10; N238,000 on November 24; and N170,000 on December 10.

Otobo also alleges that Adegbadebo, was a conduit through which Suleman sent hard currencies to her in Canada as Adegbadebo runs an unorthodox “money remittance company ” between Nigeria and Canada.

She also said that she did a HIV test in October 2016 in Canada when she got pregnant for Apostle Suleman with the aim of showing that she was HIV-free as she began stooling blood.

Meanwhile, in a video clip uploaded online, Otobo presented the document, which showed a series of huge deposits supposedly made by the married father of four into her account.

She did this as a means to back up her claims, that Apostle Suleman had sent her money several times. She had also said he gave her all the money he made when he held a programme in Napoli, Italy.

In the new video, Otobo showed proof of the money transferred to her account by Suleman. She also stated that she would release her call log as further proof.

Otobo, 23, also released alleged screenshots of lurid BBM chats she had with the Benin-Based Pastor when things were going well & during times they had issues.

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