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Former national vice chairman (South) of the erstwhile ruling PDP, Chief Olabode George, in this interview expressed reluctance to appraise governance under the ruling APC, but opens up on the failed attempts to reconcile warring factions within his party. He also dissects the ongoing efforts of some politicians to form a mega party. He spoke […]

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Nigeria has been faced with the challenge of effectively utilising its resources to support equitable economic growth, effective service delivery and social cohesion. One of the major driving forces for the development blockade is lack of openness, transparency and accountability in governance. Therefore, if government and citizens embrace open government principles in a tailored stakeholder […]

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After decades of military rule, Nigeria was able to elect civilians leaders in 1999. This process produced the former head of state President Olusegun Obasanjo as a civilian President. He remained in power for two tenures of eight years before the election of President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua in 2007. The electoral act empowers the […]

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Before anyone runs down the gender equality bill, it would be sensible to seek to know its content. The Nigerian Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill which was rejected by majority of the Nigerian law makers presents equal opportunities for men and women as the name suggests. The Nigerian gender quality bill seeks to establish that […]

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A first pregnancy can be both pretty exciting and scary, and often times, new mothers expect that their experiences would be the same the second time around as well. However, you may be in for a few surprises. Here are SEVEN ways your second pregnancy might be different from the first… Starting To Show During […]

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The Nigeria Police (NP) is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria [3] with a staff strength of about 371,800. There are currently plans to increase the force to 650,000, adding 280,000 new recruits to the existing 370,000. The NP is a very large organization consisting of 36 commands grouped into 12 zones and 7 […]

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The debate about reform and decentralisation of policing in Nigeria dates back to before independence in 1960. Since then, advocates have repeatedly contested over the need to either maintain a central structure for the Nigeria Police Force or adopt different models of decentralisation and devolution of police powers. Now the debate is once again in […]

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POLICE investigation action starts with either a petition or a complaint by an aggrieved person or by an agency over a misdemeanor or some criminal conduct to a superior police officer ranging from the Inspector General of Police, IGP, to any of his numerous offices. The Divisional Police Officer, DPO, is the closest Senior officer […]

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s senior adviser on media, Dr. Reuben Abati, has dismissed the widespread view that the former president lost the last election because of incompetence and cluelessness. Abati said in his first major interview in the October/November edition of The Interview, that Jonathan was “a victim of power game” and the vicious propaganda […]

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This is the season of weddings. The cards come thick and fast. It is not unusual to have three to five wedding invitations on a busy Saturday. After all, we live in a society where marriage is seen as a logical step to completion of self. Completion for a bachelor who has finished schooling, is […]

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Perspective Blame the leadership of the All Progressives Congress for the outcome of the National Assembly leadership election, writes Olatunde Odunyemi The emergence of the leadership of the current National Assembly in our country has thrown up many issues which will generate a heated debate for a long time. The June 9 inauguration of the […]