CLEEN calls for mass action against corruption
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A new platform to fight corruption in Nigeria, Voices Against Corruption is aimed at strengthening the public in voicing out corruption practices.

The platform which was launched by a non-governmental organisation, CLEEN Foundation, last month to be used by Nigerians to report corruption practices in every sector in the country through the various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Blogs.

According to Program Manager, CLEEN Foundation, Blessing Abiri, apart from the old-school forms of resisting corruption, the platform was the new ICTs that terrify bribe takers; suddenly the mobile phone was a weapon against corruption and law enforcement officers who can no longer order people to drop something for the boys.

Abiri while opening the platform during the Voices Against Corruption Public Sensitisation Workshop in Lagos said although bribery has persisted in Nigeria like a cancer she still strongly believed that things are changing in the war against corruption and called for support for institutions fighting corruption in the country.

“We have seen remarkable ways that society has changed. Institutions like EFCC, ICPC, PCC, Police, etc are waiting to arrest and prosecute; many more Nigerians have gone to jail for corruption in the past decade than ever before”, she added.

“But citizens are doing a lot more. Bribe takers now have more sleepless nights than ever before. Nigerians are waiting on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and 2go – everywhere to discuss the issues and call for redress. We were all witnesses to ‘Occupy Nigeria in 2012 when citizens rose in one voice to denounce corruption”.

“We have observed with pride a number of officers who have been arrested and punished having been identified by citizens as participating in corruption in the police for example, it is clear that the punishment is instant dismissal”, she stated.

“So, indeed we have covered enormous grounds as citizens but we need to sustain the momentum to tackle corruption in our country. What we are here today to do is present to you a unique corruption reporting platform – Voices against corruption – and to show you how you can use it and what would change for the better when you use it”

According to her, the project would help to achieve its objectives adding that the end point is for the project to make the normal procedure for corruption so cumbersome, scary and risky.

“It makes the risks of corruption so high that Nigerians are forced to refrain; it helps law enforcement and other key agencies to trace, identify and punish corrupt officials; it gives society the needed evidence for advocacy, training and stock taking when dealing with corruption, finally, it would afford individuals; communities; CSOs the ample opportunity to play an important role within the external framework of public institutions in the fight against low level bribery, extortion, embezzlements and other acts of corruption in public agencies”.

Unveiling the platform, Senior Information Technology Officer, CLEEN Foundation, Gabriel Akinremi, said Voices Against Corruption was launched on 13th February 2018 adding that the project is aimed at strengthening the public in voicing out corruption practices

“We rely on the public to report corruption to us and we use these reports as an important source of information to fight corruption and hold leaders accountable. Voices Against Corruption defines corruption as the abuse of public resources to enrich or give unfair advantage to individuals, their family or their friends”, he added.

“We encourage and enable people to resist corruption by asking them to report their experiences and knowledge of corruption to us.It makes use of technology particularly mobile phone to call, text and MMS, social media networks like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp. It has no language restriction therefore complaints can be done using all Nigerian Languages, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, pidgin etc”

He said citizens can upload videos or photographs which provide evidences of such incidences at #VoicesAgainstCorruption, adding that Campaign website is a user-friendly ICT platform developed to track cases of corruption by private and public officials.

According to him, the purpose of #VoicesAgainstCorruption is to create a system where people can easily report cases of corruption without risk and have some confidence that action would be taken against the offender.

The project, he said is aimed at strengthening transparency through public oversight and advocating for appropriate sanctions for private and public officials that are found guilty of corruption. WithVoicesAgainstCorruption, grass root citizen are able to engage in the fight against corruption being perpetrated by public office holders.

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