Cristiano Ronaldo Moves to Juventus, and Aims to Make a Mark
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On July 16, 2018, the rumours were finally put to rest; the £100 million move was made. Christiano Ronaldo finally made his first press conference debut on joining Juventus FC. Christiano wanted to set things straight on why he had chosen to move to Juventus, even after having a fruitful time in Real Madrid.

Playing for Real Madrid, he had proved he was relentless and among the greatest goal scorers in the world.  In fact, the move for Ronaldo to Juventus was predicted by many of the Nigerian bookmakers a while back, so it didn’t come as a surprise for many sports bettors.


When did the Rumours Start Doing the Round?


Rumours of him moving started after May’s champion league. After the ugly defeat of Portugal in the world cup by Uruguay, things became a bit more clear. At 33 he has scored 450 goals in his nine-year spell in Real Madrid. This is four less than of all the goals of the Juventus players combined. Moreover, he has won four champion league titles three of which he won consecutively.

Juventus made quick moves to secure Christiano Ronaldo. This was a fight with the likes of Manchester United and Paris-Saint Germain. His decision to start afresh in Turin has been backed by the fact that he wants to make history in Juventus.

At his age, he probably only has a few years until his football career ends. Football is very lucrative, and most players tend to retire at 35 years. More often than not they get to play for China or Qatar as their football years come to an end. But for Ronaldo, he wants to prove he is different.  His move to Juventus which he believes is among “the best teams in the world”, has already created a buzz.

The club has already made an addition of one million followers on Twitter and sold 520,000 t-shirts with his name. And what makes this amazing is that this all happened overnight.

However, the club did not want to put across that one transfer player was transferred more important than the rest of the team. This explains why the whole signing and transfer was done quietly.

The move is not only good for the “the old lady” that is Juventus but also for the Italian football. The whole football world knows that Christiano is a professional and a world-class player. This makes Juventus the team to beat, though there are other teams such as A.C Milan, Napoli and Inter-Milan.


What’s In It for Ronaldo?


During the press conference, it was pretty clear that Christiano Ronaldo was genuinely happy about this move. Many believe Ronaldo’s move may have been made because he was unhappy with the tax evasion charge he had to face while he was at Real Madrid.

And from the hundreds of fans who got to receive him, it is clear that he is welcomed in Juve. When the Italian Serie A begins, he will have to prove himself to his new club.

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