Embassy of Switzerland in Abuja: Inviting Applicants for Small-Scale Development Projects in Nigeria
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The Embassy of Switzerland in Abuja is currently inviting applicants from NGOs, organisations, groups and institutes for its  Small-Scale Development Projects in Nigeria in order to assist local initiatives of groups or of organisations whose works contribute to the country`s overall economic progress.

Dynamic actors of the civil society, especially women and minority representatives, are thus helped in their efforts to generate sustainable reforms and overall improvement of living conditions in the country.

Grant Information

  • The Embassy receives an annual credit of up to 100’000 USD.
  • This amount is used to support five to six small-scale projects per year in various fields.

Eligibility Criteria

  • NGOs, organisations, groups and institutes are welcome to present their project proposals to the Embassy of Switzerland.
  • In the selection process of projects that will receive support, the Embassy adheres to the following guiding principles:
    • Self-help: The Embassy supports local initiatives in the area of capacity building.
    • Sustainability: It prioritises projects that promise long lasting effects even after their completion.
    • Innovation: It encourages innovative and original initiatives.
    • Local needs: It favours projects that particularly meet the needs of the local population and reinforce existing structures.
    • Subsidiarity: Applicants are expected to contribute to the project first; support from the Embassy only comes second.
    • Choice of target group and impact: The project applicants need to clearly state who will be the beneficiaries of the project, what impact they intend to make and how they aim to reach their goals
    • Organizational competence: The project applicants need to have sufficient organizational competences in order to conduct the project by their own capacities.
    • Pertinence: The project should be clear, comprehensible and should consist of simple but effectual measures.
    • Timeframe: The project should form a one-time intervention that is fully administered and conducted by local organisations or agencies within one year.

How to Apply

Proposals should be submitted via post or email at the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Nigeria

For more information, please download the pdf Small-Scale Development Project.

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