Help! My body and emotions are getting the best of me
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couple rape sex womenI’m 28 and married to a 35 years-old man. We dated for 2 years before we got married. We have always had a good sex life until I took in June last year. Throughout my pregnancy, we only had sex twice in nine months. I don’t know what my husband sees wrong with my body?

I kept asking for more, but hubby said he was scared and didn’t want anything to happen to the baby. I gave birth in early February and till now, he shows no interest in sex. I have tried everything possible. I have discussed how much I wanted sex with him but he just keeps refusing and always giving excuses like he is too tired or is not in the mood.

I have tried seducing him but he pushed me away and said he was too tired. In short, I have tried everything possible but he just doesn’t get in the mood. This situation is really affecting me as I’m emotionally & sexually starved! He sleeps off like a log of wood every time.

Recently, I asked him if he is getting it outside, he swore he wasn’t cheating and blamed it on so much work which makes him always tired. I have even tried lodging in us in a hotel just to have some quality time to ourselves but he just slept throughout the night.

I’m very confused right now as my body and emotions are getting the best of me. My husband seems to be obvious of this. I have just discovered some porn videos in his phone, when I confronted him, he confessed that that is how he has been surviving. I have begged him to stop but he’s refused, insisting that this is the reason he does not cheat.

I’m neat, my house & room are very neat and I have a lovely figure eight. I have even started starving myself to lose any little baby fat, just in case that is the problem. I’m really frustrated, some nights I pray and wish he would just touch me. What do I do now?

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