Hope for Nigeria as Youth Engage in Politics
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Youth in politics held a press conference in Lagos to galvanized youth in the country to participate in politics.

At the press conference, Paul Church the Vice president of #YOUTHSINPOLITICS said youths of Nigeria comprise about 35% of our population and with this number alone youths in unity can predict their political future with a common voice. It was on this belief that #youthsinpolitics came on board. The movement target is to grow it membership to 10m on/before June and by November 2018 hope to be 50m. The movement with his number can throw her weight on youth Presidential, Governorship, chairmanship and other political aspirants and as such, the assertion that Nigerian politics is for the rich and the old won’t play off. He asserted I am concerned about the quality of leadership in Nigeria. Corruption is endemic. Poverty is high. Life expectancy is low.

He stated the vision, mission and objectives of the Youths in politics movement.

Our mission:
(1) To bring TOGETHER all the Nigerian youths that are tired of the leadership failures in the country, breaking ALL known and unknown barriers and exploiting the strength in our unity for effective political participation to enthrone a patriotic government dominated by youths which will rule with integrity and modern ideas to the benefit of ALL Nigerians.

(2) To build on the strengths of children, youth and families so they find safety, hope and success in life.
(3) To stimulate, promote and coordinate youth participation in the political decisions in Nigeria.

Our goal:
(1) To prove to all doubters that the Nigerian youths can organise themselves and can lead as we will work to strategically produce suitable LEADERS that are YOUTHS and present them to participate in elections.

(2) To create a veritable tool and platform for Nigeria youth in the journey towards the protection of the political decision in any up coming general election in Nigeria.

Our Vision:
(1) To enthrone a fair balanced government where parochial considerations with no longer be a factor in the day to day life of any Nigerian.

(2) Youth In Need will be the leader and driving force for future generations in helping children, youth and families to realize their potential and positively impact their communities.

(3) To have a responsible and independent next generation, capable of overcoming the challenges they face and finding solutions to the problems that affect them.

Our Beliefs:
(1) We are a group of YOUTHS that believe in ONE NIGERIA.
(2) We believe that the Nigerian youths are smart, hardworking, determined and focused.
(3) We believe that the Nigerian youths can organise themselves and can lead.
We believe that the Nigerian youths can be heard and giving opportunity to participate fully in the electoral processes not just as voters or INEC officials but as Aspirants for political positions.
Our core value:
We believe in :

(1) Been blind to ethnicity, language and other parochial considerations.
(2) Partnership

(3) Unity in Diversity
(4) Gender Equity & Equality

(5) Teamwork and Commitment
(6) Integrity and Personal Development
(7) Transparency and Accountability
(8) Respect for Human Rights

Our approach:
To encourage ALL Nigerians youths to engage in politics by registering and obtaining their voters card and also belonging to a registered political party.

Our Objectives:
(1) To mobilize, sensitize and sustain the entire youth constituency of Nigeria on the platform of youth in politics at the state and local governments.

(2) To compile a nation – wild compendium of people’s reactions to the present administration by the end of fourth quarter of 2018.

(3) To present the compendium to the nation – wide mother – of – all – rallies by the youth at the end of fourth quarter of 2018.

(4) To organize a nation – wide healthy presidential /gubernatorial debate for all the presidential /governorship contestants by November 2018.

(5) To sensitize the Nigeria youth in a nation – wide voter education and voter registration review.
To encourage ALL Nigerian Youths to JOIN this movement YOUTHS IN POILITICS which in no time has over 31 states Ambassadors.
To encourage ALL Nigerian Youths to stand up to their rights as citizens, for its not a privilege to Vote and be Voted for, it is our sovereign right.

According to him, Nigeria is held back by a crop of leadership that have outlived usefulness and effectiveness as a result of old age. FAILURE OF OUR PAST GENERATION THAT ARE STILL IN GOVERNMENT

It’s devastating for the failure of our past generation that are still in government, where Former president Olusegun Obasanjo admitted that his generation has failed Nigeria in their efforts at taking it to the ‘Promised Land.’ He, however, quickly added that what they missed out in growing the nation economically, they have been able to deliver in a united and stable country under a democratic dispensation.

Since 1999 when we returned to democratic rule, our so-called youths have not only been relegated to the backseat in the scheme of things, but are also happy being on the backseat. The Youths (as at then) that agitated for the ouster of the military in 1999, along with those that have been in the corridors of power since the days of President Shagari in 1979 are still here calling the shots, while the youths of today that are supposed to be running the show for the good of Nigeria are cheering them in the comfort of twitter, facebook, nairaland, palmchat, 2go etc. For instance, the “young” Audu Ogbeh that was elected member and Deputy Speaker of Benue State House of Assembly in 1979, appointed minister of communication under Shehu Shagari in 1983, elected chairman of PDP in 2001 is still active today as the substantive minister of Agriculture. This is a man that first tasted political power 37 years ago when some of us weren’t even born. Are there no young and vibrant youth that is capable of administering the sector? Our country has been on comatose since the generation of the present political leaders took over in 1966/7 till this day, yet, the youths of our generation are less concerned.

What has the generation of present day political leaders achieved since they took over the mantle of leadership from their fathers? we dare say that Nigeria has been retrogressing under their leadership. They couldn’t fix power, roads, schools and hospitals. The structural defect of our country that they contributed to bringing to fore in 1966 is yet to be addressed. They have wasted billions of tax payers’ money and our oil wealth organizing talk shops that they tagged conferences and confabs without result. They couldn’t even fix the security sector, nor provide jobs to the teaming unemployed and a conducive environment for business to thrive. Under them, nepotism not only became celebrated but has been officially adopted. This present generation of expired leaders are not only corrupt but have instituted corruption in the system. Tribalism is their forte. When you look at the prominent political parties including PDP and APC, the same tired politicians are holding sway and swapping offices. Their loyalty is neither to their party nor the country but only themselves. They couldn’t even enthrone a culture of free and credible election that meets minimum standard. This present day generation of leaders has nothing to offer, they have showed it repeatedly, tested and failed woefully.

Before we go on, we would like to remind our youths of today of the feat achieved by their once upon a time predecessor. In their youthful days, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Ernest Okoli, Kofo Abayomi, Hezekiah Oladipo Davies, James Churchill Vaughan, Oba Samuel Akisanya, Nnamdi Azikiwe, etc. formed the Nigeria Youth Movement in 1933, this brave young Nigerians not only stood up to the British against the ill treatment of Nigeria citizens, they also participated actively in politics, won elections and were the movers of our independence in 1960. As Youngman, they assumed leadership positions in their regions and at the federal level. They may not be perfect as leaders, but history will always be fair on them as contributors to an independent Nigerian State. Till date we still celebrate them.

When former president Goodluck Jonathan in January 8, 2015 said and I quote,
“I believe that the young Nigerians are the future, we are finished. We believe that the youths will be the ones that will take us to the moon; my generation has failed because we could not take Nigeria to the moon. I don’t want to address old people like me because we (his generation) are spent already”.

Astonished at his words though agreed with him that his generation FAILED Nigeria; we questioned the rationality for saying that young Nigerians are the future except he wasn’t referring to today’s youths. How could ex-president, Jonathan call this generation the future of Nigeria when the generations of youths today are future-less? This is a generation that are hustling to be appointed Special Assistant on Twitter, Facebook, Nairaland etc under the guise of Special Assistant on Media while their mates in other climes are leading political parties and government institutions, calling the shots and developing their societies.

This is a generation that sit down to expect their fathers in NLC and TUC to help them lead protest on the street while they tweet the outcome and update their Facebook, palm chat, and other social media status. This is a failed generation that wouldn’t have done anything in 2010 had it been their fathers Soyinka, Bakare and co didn’t protest calling for the elevation of then VP Jonathan. This is a generation that sat down with their #OccupyNigeria hashtag while their fathers were in Ojota calling for the reversal of the ill-advised subsidy removal of 2012.

This is a generation that couldn’t even protest the CBN fraudulent recruitment of children of the ruling caucus and demanding for its reversal and removal of CBN Governor but sat in the comfort of their parlors to tweet and disturbing the peace of social network. This is a generations that has resigned to playing fighter dog for politicians in the two major parties but are never invited when the spoils are shared. What kind of generation would see nothing wrong in the high rate of unemployment (which didn’t start under president Buhari administration) but only whine in their rooms, resorting to try your luck with football betting companies? Ordinary Youth Wing these political parties refused to allow, neither are they giving up slots for young people in party, elective and appointive offices.
Is it not our peers in Burkina Faso that successfully brought down TWO military dictators within one year with some losing their lives in 2015? Is it not our peers in Egypt and Tunisia that brought down their dictator leaders? Is it not our peers that are on the streets of Brazil calling for the ouster of President Lima and prosecution of former president Sylva? Is it not our mates that are leading parties in South Africa? Why are we so comfortable taking back seats? Why are we comfortable with the fact that the old men are recycling themselves and slotting their kids?

Some of us waste their mobile data defending ex-president Jonathan and others but who remembered you when Mr,Jonathan’s son-inlaw was appointed SA to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross river state? Lai Muhammed is a minister and his son is a member of Lagos state house of Assembly, in the same house of assembly,Bola Tinubu has his nephew as member. TA Orji, a Senator has his son as Abia state house of assembly member, Atiku Abubakar’s daughter is a commissioner in Adamawa state, James Ibori’s daughter is a member of Delta state house of assembly,Admiral Nyako son is an incumbent Senator, the present Governor of Niger state is the son-inlaw to Abdulsallam Abubakar, Ibim Semenitari, the MD NDDC is the Daughter of Gabriel Toby,the former Deputy Governor of Rivers state under the disgraceful administration of Peter Odili. The men we devout our time and energy to defend are putting their kids to RULE us just as they ruled our fathers. The worse is Kwara state, where Saraki family has been holding sway since 1979. They allocated CBN positions among themselves but threw up police recruitment to us so that we will guard and serve their children in political offices and CBN, just as our fathers served them.

It’s sad to say that we belong to a generation that pride in cowardice, suffering and smiling, and folly. It is a shame that this generation that we belong to is on the verge of entering into the disgraceful part of history as one that not only failed themselves but also failed the generation after them if we don’t wake up. This generation has successfully displaced the generation of the present day political office holders (who naturally are supposed to take back seat) as the most myopic and less visionary. This generation has successfully earned itself as a disgrace among its peers in Africa and the world at large. This generation we refer to the Coward Generation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CGFRN) if we don’t wake up now. If you are between 25 and 45 years of age, this piece is an indictment on you if you still seat and all you do is to tweet against the present government on social media platforms and talk about football. Those below the said age should learn from those within the age and not displace them in their place of disgrace when they become of age.

Our leadership has for long been defined by indecisiveness and inaction, and this is why we are eminently known as illustrious back seaters in international affairs, leaving the driving to all others, especially to the Western world.

Our leaders are smitten by the demon of individualism itself the poison that kills every beautiful dream and hope of a community or nation. We define success wrongly: teaching our children that success is a good job, or loan from a bank to buy a car or a house, and we believe doing impressive donation – soliciting proposals is success. We have a short – term mentality that has effectively stalled development for the country.

Before i conclude, we will like to mention here seven or eight youth that are in presidency in other nation around.
The world’s youngest leaders hail from across the globe — from democracies, monarchies, and dictatorships in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
While six of them are men, the youngest, Vanessa D’Ambrosio, the 28-year-old captain regent of San Marino is the only woman among the list.
Africa takes a back stage as no current leader in the continent is below age of 40.
Here are list of seven current young leaders:

(1) Emmanuel Macron
Born: December 21, 1979 Amiens, France
Age: 39
Country: France
Office: President of France
Declaration date: 14 May 2017

(2) . Saleh Ali al-Sammad
Born: January 1, 1979, Sahar District
Age: 39
Country: Yemen
Office: President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen
Declaration Date: August 14, 2016.

(3) . Emil Dimitriev
Born: March 19, 1979, Probištip
Age: 39
Country: Macedonia (FYROM)
Office: Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia
Declaration Date: January 15, 2016

(4). Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Born: February 21, 1980, Thimphu, Bhutan
Age: 38
Country: Kingdom of Bhutan
Office: Druk Gyapol (King of Bhutan)
Date of Coronation: December 9, 2006

(5). Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
Born: June 3, 1980, Doha, Qatar
Age: 38
Country: Qatar
Office: Emir of Qatar
Coronation Date: June 25, 2013

(6). Kim Jong Un
Born: January 8, 1983, Poyoungyang, North Korea
Age: 34
Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Office: Supreme Leader of North Korea
Declaration Date: December 17, 2011

(7). Vanessa D’Ambrosio
Born: April 26, 1988 Serravalle
Age: 29
Country: San Marino, Europe
Office: Captain Regent of San Marino
Declaration Date: April 2017
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(8).Sebastian Kurz
Age, 32 years
Who got sworn – in as the Austrias Head of state and 14th postwar chancellor by President Alexander Van der Bellen after his people struck a deal with the nationalist freedom.

Despite the venom poured on this generation, we still believe that hope is not lost for us to redeem ourselves and earn our place among noble generations. we believe that we can look into our challenges and setbacks and address them in order to move from where we are to where we hope to be.

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