How Do I Know My Abusive Husband Who Wants Me Back Has Changed
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I’ve been married to my abusive husband for just a year and I’m already emotionally sick. There is no week that passes without him quarreling with me.

Sometimes he will just frown and refuse talking to me for days, nor will he eat my food. If I ask him what the problem is, he will tell me that he enjoys making me sad, that he is tired of me.

I do everything a wife is expected to do make him happy, things like cooking tasty meals, keeping the house neat, dressing sexy, neat and attractive and being good in bed. He does not call me any pet names at all, nor say anything to compliment my efforts, rather he capitalizes on any little mistake I do to beat me mercilessly.

He is a medical doctor and I’m a graduate working with the federal ministry of interior. He married me when I was already working, so I’m not a burden to him. He hit me on my tummy when I was 8 months pregnant and I started bleeding. I nearly lost my life and my baby but as God will have it, I delivered safely. My parents warned him, even his relatives pleaded with him to stop beating me but he continued.

Last week, he hit me on my face, lips and tooth. One of my incisor tooth starting shaking and I vomited blood. My 8 months-old son was crying. My offense was that I put beverage in his custard without his instructions.

Furthermore, he disrespects my parents and has openly and verbally insulted them when they wanted to preach peace to him. Now, this last time he hit my tooth, I told him that I can’t continue with the marriage because I have told him before how bad his beatings hurt.

Now, that my that I have returned to my parent’s he has been pleading with me to come back. How do I know if he’s really changed? I wish for my son to have the best dad.

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