How Good is your Sports Knowledge?
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Love sports and want to test how good you are at it?  We will walk you through some of the easy ones first.


  1. Who won the 2018 World Cup?
  2. Which Jersey numbers did Micheal Jordan wear during his time in NBA?
  3. Who won the golden boot in Russia 2018 World Cup?
  4. “Agricultural sport” is a word used mainly for which sport?
  5. Which country is hosting the 2018 Commonwealth games?
  6. In 2017 Cate Campbell swam in how many minutes to set a short course world record in freestyle?

These are some of the easy questions that any sports enthusiast can answer. However, if you are looking to get recognized as a sports bettor or learn more about an affiliate code from Nairabet, you need to be better at your sports knowledge.

How Good Are You?


So what proof is there to assure yourself and other people that your sports knowledge is top notch? Well, it is easy,  sports quizzes for some but for others it is just the love of the sport. For instance,  a football fanatic who loves Christiano Ronaldo can even tell you where and when he made his first international goal.

Here is knowing whether you have high IQ in sports or simply are a diehard fan.

  1. You are aware of your sports history.

When a fan turns into a sports encyclopedia of their favourite franchise then things are on the next level. Knowing the history of your favourite team and franchise is a sure way to prove that you do not mess around. However, this does not mean only knowing the names of the team players or when they were born. There is much more to it.  It means knowing the player who made the win 10 years ago.

  1. You can draft the perfect fantasy team.

Diehards have the knowledge to draft the perfect dream team. Knowing player skills and the right position we have all fallen to this. We feel guilty into always categorizing our favourite players.

  1. Responding to your favourite players on social media

Social media is quite a lovely tool for sports enthusiasts. Supporters are given a chance to air their opinions. During matches, supporters act as the person who is updating everyone on what is happening. But it is a good platform for fans and supporters to interact. Sometimes fans know players better than the players know themselves.

  1. You are all in for game season and matches.

So what separates die-hards from other fans? It is simple. Not even mother nature can keep diehards away from attending a game. Salut to those diehards who remove their shirts even when the temperatures fall below zero degrees.

  1. Camping for tickets.

If you are striving to be a fan then this is one way of proving you are a die-hard fan. Who needs the comfort of their home when they can just set up a tent two months even before the game? How will you watch the progress of your favourite team players if you are not live in action with them?

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