How I was molested at 6, and my parents never knew
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mum coupleChild sexual abuse is real and it didn’t start now. Let me tell you my story. It has taken a lot of courage for me to write about this but you should know that I am just a tiny fraction of the millions of children who are being sexually molested everyday.

I was born in the early 80s, when parents thought it was safe to let little kids wander from one neighbour’s apartment to the other all in search of entertainment with other little kids in the neighbourhoods. Our parents were more concerned with warning us about dangers like eating in other people’s homes for fear of being spiritually poisoned or hexed. Nobody warned us about the danger of sexual abuse and invasion.

So, I wandered into this neighbour’s dingy apartment. They were a family of nine, made up of two parents and 7 kids. The only daughter in the family, who was 2 years older than me was my friend. But she was no where to be found in her apartment. One of her older brothers who could possible pass for an adult was the only one at home. “Do you want to play ludo?’” Ah yes, Ludo was one of my favourite games as iPads, tabs and other computer games weren’t so common back in the days, so I agreed. I was a six-year-0ld girl with the uncanny ability to thrash nearly everyone I played with.

It went from playing Ludo game to reaching out towards me to touch my under-developed breasts. No one had warned me about protecting my privacies, not even my own mother. Even though, it seemed very weird, I wasn’t sure how to react. He pulled me over and placed me on his laps. Again, I had not be briefed that I could or should scream NO! He lifted my skirt and touched my genitals. He poked his finger in and it was painful. It hurt so badly that I screamed but he held my mouth to stifle my scream instead of letting me go.

Now, I cannot clearly remember what happened afterwards, but I do remember that I was sexually abused at six and my parents never knew.

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