How Much Longer Am I to Wait For Him? It Hurts my Heart!
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Depressed-Black-Woman coupleThere is this issue that has been bothering my heart. It’s no other than the issue of getting married. How much longer should I wait for?

I have been in this relationship with this guy for 9-year now. He’s 27 while I am 26. We met in secondary school and started off as friends. He is everything I can ever ask God for in a man. He is caring, loving, hardworking, and even went to the farm to work so that he could support himself through school.

He’s now a graduate but has no good job. I have never requested anything from he that he has ever said no to. He has never shouted no raised his hands at me, neither has he quarrelled with me.

When I am sick, he is sick as well. With his meagre salary of just N30k, could you believe that he’s sponsoring my education to the university?

However, my problem now is that because I love so much, I can’t wait to be married to him. The delay is just too much while my friends are getting married. It hurts me so much because my man is still struggling with his widow mum. I’m not after money. I love him, but I am tired of this delay.

I told him about it and he pleaded that I should stay with him but I don’t know for how long. I am hurting.

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