How My Marriage Has Survived Inspite of Our Religious Differences
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woman proposing coupleThis is to the lady who has aborted 3 times for a man, yet he won’t marry her due to their religious differences , I feel like I should tell you about my life.

Darling, please, love yourself and God. I am Catholic who got married to a Muslim and we are about to have our first child. When he first approached me, I asked him what his true intentions were and where he wanted us to head to. I was adamant that I will not be forced to change my religion nor do I want to waste my time on a dead relationship if we are heading no where.

His family was not so happy about his decision to marry me but he stood by it. We dated for 8 months. Our families were officially introduced and he paid my bride price. A Nikha was done and a small reception has held the next day because I am Christian.

I gave his religion a try of my own volition but as soon as I realised it was not for me, we decided I retain my religion and we respect and support each other’s Faith. It’s very hard to change your Faith just like that especially if you were born in a family like mine where Sunday school was a must n I was so active at church.

In my own opinion, religion differences is not a barrier for a successful marriage. Marriage needs love. What is love? Love us respect, understanding, patience, compromise, trusting and accepting each other.
All religions are mostly similar and peaceful. Islam regards marriage as sacred and so does Catholic Christianity. Our children will be raised as Muslims.

During Ramadhan, I wake up early to prepare his meals and always remind him to go to the mosque and do his obligations. He has never missed saying his prayers and I don’t let him have it. He actually jokes and tells his friends I am his Imam and that I don’t allow him to relax in observing fasting and prayers.

I also made some adjustments. I now dress conservatively, cover my head when I leave the house and basically he also supports me when I go to church every Sunday and for Jumuiya once every week. This has gone on for four years and we are happy with each other.

This man does not not only love you but he also doesn’t respect you at all. And it’s all your fault. You allowed him to see you a pass over so he knows he can use you and you will still stay and let him get away with it. If he really wanted you in his life as a companion/ wife he would treat you as such.

My family has eventually gotten in line and they no longer complain about our religious differences coz we showed them our love is strong enough to let each other be and support each other. And that’s what I want to teach my children. Love is not a joke, it is hard work and can’t be limited by Religion .

I hope you will keep the baby and move on. God / Allah has blessed you so much. God’s grace and mercy will be with you as y0u raise your baby to be a lovely kind hearted person. Please don’t have another abortion. Have the strength to do the right thing and move on.

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