How should I end my extra-marital affair
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I am a 43-year-old married man with two kids. I am associated with an unmarried girl aged 27, who is working in my office for the past three years.
It started with random office discussions. Later, when she developed differences with her fiance, she discussed her personal life with me. She even arranged a lunch where we three met. Though I advised her caution, she broke her engagement.

With time, I started feeling close to her because of her beauty and talent, which I did not find in my wife. Our relation developed into physical closeness, though not sex. Many a times she came to my house, happily met my wife and interacted with the kids. Though we were in love, I started helping her and her parents in search of a groom for her. She discussed with me different matrimonial proposals.

Slowly she started to dislike my wife and even my kids. She would get extremely annoyed by even a phone call from my family in her presence. I told her that I love her and I will care for her, be responsible for her even after her marriage, but I cannot do away my family. Once, when we were together on a company tour, we spent the night as a couple. We got physically involved but didn’t go all the mile.

My wife learnt about my closeness to her and hounded her. I love my wife and kids too. But my girl now considers my wife as her enemy. I told her that I never intended to leave my wife and marry her. But she is adamant not to spare my wife. She says she will never marry anyone and will remain unmarried for life since she has become physically close to me, and will not be able to lead marital life with anyone else.

I am perplexed. I am dutiful towards my wife and kids and cannot leave them. At the same time, I love the girl and feel responsible for her. I don’t know why she is doing all this now as she used to discuss her marriage proposals with me, even when we were in physical love. The girl even threatens to commit suicide. I have told her to move ahead, marry and lead a normal life. I told her that with me she will never be able to have a socially-recognised relationship.

I meet her daily in office and my wife gets suspicious. I still kiss the girl and she reciprocates, but we do not go out anymore. I don’t know what to do and how to settle things amicably.


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