How to Start Fabric Accessories Business in Nigeria
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fabricAnkara shoes and accessories is another lucrative business in Nigeria. Are you looking for a business to start with your creativity? i have a good news for you, have you ever thought of Ankara?

Ankara is a very profitable business you can start from your home and it very easy to start without stress the most important thing for you to have is learning how to make it and it is so simple and very intresting. There is no occasions in Nigeria that you can not see Ankara be it weddings, funerals, birthday, etc imaging you going for a party with attire bag and shoe all made of Ankara it is trending all over the world and very rich in colors .

Another interesting thing about this business is that you can learn one or you decide to learn everything, it add flavors and spice to an outfits anytime and anywhere. it can also be wormed by everyone be it the rich and the middle class in the society it could also be used for amazing styles and designs and be used for different accessories like bags, shoes,earrings etc.

You can wear Ankara on plain clothes or mixed outfits. i will recommend this article if you are really interested in doing this business. Here are some few steps that could be of help to you in achieving your dreams.

Tools and Materials Needed

Adhesives: It is used for joining materials on the surface in other to resists separation.
Fabric you wish to use
Needles and Thread
Chain hooks and clasps: For earrings,chains and hand bands etc
Ribbon: For decorations
Thin Cardboard


Loop earnings
Hand bans
Note books
Sun Shades
Petal and flower brooch
Hand Fans
Hair Combs

Steps of making Ankara Shoes


Get the shoes to be covered, it not compulsory it must be a new shoe, all you need is your old or used shoes you don’t wear any longer. If it is possible for you to attach it, you can detach the shoe, but if you can assemble it together just measure the top, the sides and the heels then cut your Ankara.

After cutting your Ankara to the measure you needed..

Apply your adhesive glue on your shoe, allow to dry a little for about 10mins

Place your cut and measure Ankara on the appropriate places then press to gum very strong

Another step is the inside of the shoe, cut your material to the size of inside of the shoe then cut, then add your adhesive glue to it same way allow to dry then place in the shoe.

After drying attach your ribbon of any design on it, that is all so easy and without stress

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