I Am Eager to Find Out If My Wife’s Pregnancy Belongs to Me
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couple-sex-rapeI met my wife few years ago. At that time, she told me that she had this guy who wanted to marry her but their plans didn’t work out. She gave me some reasons and I was comfortable with them but I noticed somethings didn’t add up due to her behaviour. But I was eager to make her my wife.

I found out that she and this guy were living together in the guy’s apartment. Because the guy owned the apartment, he was taking advantage of her and was sleeping with her against her will. That was what she later told me and I helped her to move out.

We got married in January and she has been everything to me, my best friend, my girlfriend and my wife. But what I found out recently has destroyed that. I found out that she still goes to this guy’s house to sleep with him and I am pissed. I have lost my confidence, trust and the love I had for her.  She has been asking for forgiveness.

I did tell her that I have forgiven her just to put her mind at ease because she is pregnant. The truth is that inside me, I have not because she fooled me. How do I completely forgive her?

Secondly, she is four months and 2 weeks pregnant. According to the doctor and scan, they said they start to count from the last day she saw her period. I know when she saw her period and it has been since that incidence.

My questions are: (1) is it possible to be pregnant and still see your period and stop after 2 months?

(2) can scan be trusted? The bottomline is I want to know if I am responsible for my wife’s pregnancy. Can I have a DNA test when she is still pregnant. I am eager to know if this pregnancy is mine. I am finding it hard to concentrate.

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