I don’t Understand Why My Wife’s Body is Like This During Sex
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coupleI met my wife during our service (NYSC) year though we serve in different states. I was not a virgin though I became reformed but she was. I met her only 4 times before our wedding. She was based in the West while I was in the North.

During our courtship we talked mostly on the phone as she likes to ask too many questions to clear her mind which I sincerely try to answer because I believe meeting her is by His Grace. We didn’t have sex until after we got married. Even when we got married, it took me 3 days of persuading and constantly petting her before she allowed me to get close to her.

On the first attempt, I didn’t notice any blood stain though I thought I penetrated her but the following day, she screamed and bled when we had sex. My questions are therefore are:

Could it be I didn’t succeed earlier? (2)Anytime we are apart for like three to four weeks, I find it difficult to penetrate her easily. It becomes easier after having sex for a few days despite the fact that she has delivered kids. Why is it like that? I am 100% faithful. The other women I have had before I met her are nothing compared to her. I thank God for meeting her.

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