I Have Been Married for Ten Years But Looks Like My Husband is Done
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Couple talkingI have been married for over ten years and even though God has blessed me with three kids it looks like my husband is done with our marriage. He has not told me that yet but his actions speak louder than words.

My husband is a chronic womaniser who jumps from single ladies to married women. He is also an entrepreneur who owns the business that we both run together.

It has become normally for my husband to date the women working for us. He dates them without discretion as long as he likes them. He doesn’t respect me at all and sometimes beats me up anytime I confront him about his illicit affairs.

His family does not help matters because they always back him up. The problem now is that he has stopped eating my food and comes home anytime he likes. We sleep in separate rooms due to his lifestyle. Any time he is going out, he doesn’t tell me. He goes in and out anytime he likes and has told me to stop telling him about my movement.

I’m confused because he doesn’t even see me as his wife again. I have prayed and have been to several churches for solutions but to no avail. He embarrasses me in the presence of our employees as he wishes.

I’m no longer finding it funny as he always tells people that I wanted to kill him and that I am having an affair which is not true. He doesn’t have one iota of respect for my parents and family members.

He wants me frustrated so that I can move out on my own, then he can tell his family and mine that I moved out on my own. I don’t know what to do and how to handle this, so I need your advice. I do not want to make a decision that I will end up regretting later.

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