I saw hell in the first year of our marriage because I had three miscarriages
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couple rape sex womenA housewife, Rasidat Odubonojo, told an Idi Ogungun Customary Court at Agodi, Ibadan, that her estranged husband, has no respect for elders, after Babatunde, her husband asked the court to dissolve his 3 year marriage to her.

His reason was that his mother-in-law was seeking to control his matrimonial home. Babatunde also said that his wife had packed out of their matrimonial home without informing him.

Punch reports that Rasidat in her defense, told the court that her husband was arrogant, quick to anger, selfish and had no respect for his elders. She said also that he had pretended to be the best behaved man while courting her, only to reveal his true nature after they got married.

“I saw hell in the first year of our marriage because I had three miscarriages but he never showed me love as he promised. It got to a point that I decided to quit the marriage, but my parents encouraged me not to divorce, appealing that he would change when I have a baby for him. He had insulted my parents on several occasions when they were trying to settle our differences. I gave birth to the only child of the marriage through Caesarean Section which almost claimed my life. I packed out of my matrimonial home when I could no longer cope with his bad attitude toward me and he did not bother to look after me nor the only child for three months. I support and agree with his decision to end the marriage because he is not worth to be called a responsible husband.”

Mukaila Balogun, the President of the court, voted to end the marriage because it was evident that both parties had no love left, and were not willing to work on their relationship. He however, ordered, Babatunde to pay the sum of N5000 monthly for the support of the child.

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