I Thought My Husband was Perfect Until this Happened
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COUPLES 22I married my husband 4 years ago and we have 2 kids. My husband loves me so much and cares for me and the children. He is the perfect man for me. I love him and I am enjoying my marriage.

Early this year, he travelled out of the country to the USA to be precise and returned to Nigeria last month. He told me he will be travelling back soon after Ramadan fasting. Since he came back, I noticed that one Alhaja from New York has been calling him day and night.

I asked him who is this person and he said she is an American citizen who is from Abeokuta town in Nigeria. He said he wants to marry her so he can get his stay through her so my children will come and join him in USA and I said ok.

I didn’t argue with with him but what I have noticed since then is that he has started misbehaving. He complains almost every time, abuses me, insults me and hardly talks to me. I have begged him to forgive him me if I have offend him. I am seeing the other side of my husband because of another woman. How do I handle this?

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