Is This Marriage Still Worth Holding On Without a Child
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COUPLES 22I’ve been married for five years but here I am asking if this marriage is still worth holding on to.
Two years into my marriage, I got pregnant and gave birth but my baby didn’t survive. Since then, we’ve been trying without any success.
Again, two years I received an information that he had impregnated two ladies. Initially, he denied this allegation but later admitted and pled for forgiveness. I wanted to quit but both our families came together and concluded I should forgive since he showed remorse.

Last year, he was transferred to another town. This means that I get to visit him only on weekend. During one of my visits, I received an information from an elderly. She told me that my husband has been hosting other women.
This is apart from his two baby mamas. I was told that on one occasion the two baby mamas even met there and fought.
He has warned me never to pick his phone or calls. The last time I confronted him about a message and nudes I saw, he got angry as usual and threatened me with a divorce. He doesn’t care if I get pregnant or not because obviously he now has kids by other women. We’ve been to several hospitals and only one hospital told me that we have a 50\50 chance due to our blood group.

I was told that with another man, man chances of getting pregnant is higher because I am fertile. I am 33-years old now and I don’t know what to do. I need your advice because I’m losing it.

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