Mother of 3 Collapses on the Road While Job Seeking
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shocked-woman rape coupleA 36-year-old mother of 3, Tawakalitu Adeyeye, was rescued last week by the timely intervention of the police after she collapsed and became unconscious around Ikolaba area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

Tribune reports that many passersby where reluctant to offer her any assistance, even though she collapsed around 8:30pm because they were unsure of her situation or mental condition. However,  one of the passersby decided to help the woman and tried to resuscitate her by pouring cold water on her, all to no avail. Another eyewitness then called the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Adekunle Ajisebutu, who hurried to the scene and also alerted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ikolaba Division, and rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Upon regaining consciousness, Tawakalitu said she was very okay but her reason for collapsing was because she had not eaten anything in two days. Speaking from her hospital bed, the woman said:

“I am a labourer, and I had gone to the Wema area, in Iwo Road, where labourers normally converge daily for menial work, but for the past one month, I have not done any work. On the day I collapsed, I was returning home to Ijokodo, Sango area, and was trekking back like I did in the morning when I went in search of a job. I didn’t eat the previous day because I had nothing, and I prayed I would get a job that day, but it wasn’t to be, so as I was trekking back home, I became weak around Ikolaba area, and fell to the ground,” Tawakalitu said.

She also disclosed that her husband, a cab driver, had abandoned her and their three children, and she is trying her best to fend for the children. Tawakalitu was very grateful to the PPRO and the policemen who rescued her, saying she could have suffered an untimely death if it wasn’t for their quick response to the calls made to them by good Samaritans.

The PPRO commended members of the public who called the police to help her. The police also donated food items and an undisclosed amount of cash to her, while praying to God to help her get a more decent and rewarding job.

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