Must I live with my in-laws under these conditions? How do I handle this?
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Depressed-Black-Woman coupleI am at a crossroad and need advice on what to do with my in-laws under these severe conditions.

I am married with two kids and my husband lives and works in another city but comes home to see us monthly. After losing my former job, 4 years ago, I recently got a new one in another city which happens to be the same city my in-laws live.

I leave my children at home with my younger sister who cares for and takes them to school while I visit home on the weekends. The plan was to live with my in-laws until we are able to gather money to rent an apartment and then move in with the kids. My present pay is not too but fantastic it’s something while hoping for a better job.

My problem now is I am constantly at the mercy of my parents in law. They verbally attack me at the slightest mistake. It’s so bad that I’m constantly afraid of being lambasted for every little thing like using water, washing in a particular place, not coming home first to take permission before going to church. The sad thing is my husband doesn’t even understand when I narrate my ordeal. He said they are his parents, not monsters.

My best friend from school days whose​ husband also works out of town has offered to house me until I find an accommodation, but my husband has refused to let me go, saying I want to scatter their family.

I’m so unhappy right now that my colleagues at work are beginning to notice. They tell me I look sad and sigh all the time. I didn’t even know it’s written all over me. In short, my life has been a living nightmare for the past two months.

A few days ago, I mistakenly broke one of the controls of their 35-year-old gas cooker and I got the lambasting of my life. My husband got to hear of it and he begged them and promised to repair it. They got angry and came back to lambast me for close to 20 minutes, I was in tears. Now I just feel like resigning this job and fleeing their house.

Please I need advice on the best way to handle this as I am slowly losing my mind. I don’t want to scatter their family as they claim, I just want peace. Thank you.

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