My Decision About My Baby’s Father Who’s Avoiding His Responsibilities
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My husband abandoned our new born baby and I with his mum in the village for one year and never bothered to find out how we are doing.

I have left his home town Nnewi for Abuja with my baby. Since I left, he has never asked after his daughter to know how she is doing.

Now that she will be starting school, I called him severally but he never picked my calls nor reply my messages. I sent him a text that I’ll be enrolling her in school next month and should send money for her school fees and feeding and he never replied.

My worry is that after suffering to raise and train my daughter alone, I don’t want this man to come and claim her as his tomorrow. I have decided to change her surname to my father’s name when I enrol her in school.

I have informed his  younger brother and his uncle about my decision and they are both not happy with him since he doesn’t even pick anyone’s calls. I have been told to go ahead and do as I please.

I want to also lay a report at a police station for future reference so he won’t be able to claim any rights. I just want to know, will I be doing the right thing?

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