My Marital Problems Started After I Got Pregnant
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Depressed-Black-Woman coupleMy husband and I got married after dating for a few months. A month after our wedding, I got pregnant and then our trouble started. I thought this good news would have made us happier but it didn’t.

A few weeks into the pregnancy, there were complications for which the doctor advised me to abstain from having sex until after the first trimester. Initially, I thought it was fine but for the whole nine months, my hubby never touched me again.

Throughout these nine months we were engaged in massive fights over trivial issues which broke my heart. In short, I have stayed for over a year and a half without having any intimacy with my husband. He has pushed the financial burden of running the house, feeding and baby care on me.

He is the kind of man who enjoys punishing me by depriving me of affection and sex even if he feels slightly provoked for whatever reason. This has led us to sleeping apart two years after we got married.

Now, I am considering a seperation from him as I already feel lonely in this marriage. Will I be doing the right thing? Is my absence going to help him know my value or is it going to mess up things up completely?

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