My Stingy Boyfriend
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Will getting my keys back make me look wicked?

I have had a terrible relationship in the past which is why I have become careful with relationships.

Now, there is this guy who is aware of my past relationship but says he has accepted me for who I am. However, I have seen in him some traits that I am not comfortable with.

First, I have not been paid for like two months at work, so I’m financially down. It’s been terrible for me even to feed. So each time I ask him to give me some cash, he never takes me serious.

Last weekend, I asked him to give me cash to enable me cook food. He said OK, but I didn’t hear from him again throughout the weekend. He only appeared yesterday and pretended like all is well and never referred to the money I ask him for.


Bottomline, he is a very stingy person, who doesn’t give except I ask him. And even when I ask him, he doesn’t give me more than N3000.

I am a giver so, I do not feel comfortable with one who isn’t. There was a time I had an accommodation issue, I told him to give me 60k to rent a room apartment. He asked me how am I going to renew the rent if he rents a place for me.

At that time, I was searching for job. After I got a job, I was able to rent the apartment with my own money.

Later, he moved from his one room to a two bedroom. After the expiration of that rent, he didn’t have money to renew the rent and is now uncomfortably squatting with a friend. One thing led to another and I gave him a spare key to my self contained apartment that I rented recently without any support from him.

He now comes to my apartment at will even when I am not around. He can go for days without communicating with me and since he knows my work schedule, he goes to my apartment when I am not around.

I want to use diplomatically collect my key from him. Will that be wicked of me seeing that he’s got an accommodation problem? He is naturally a nice person apart from the fact that he is stingy.

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