My Wife is Draining Me All in the Name of Love
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coupleI am 35-years old. I got married to my wife whose is currently 39 years old all in the name of love but now she’s draining me. We waited for 4 years to have a baby because she had fibroids.

Before her conception, I spent all my monies seeking for alternative therapy because she said she did not want to have a surgery. But when the fibroids got to an advanced state, she started menstruating for more than 10 days at a go.

Later, there was a sensitization programme in my church on conception. During the interactive question and answers session, I asked the doctor about the best method of tackling fibroids and he recommended a surgery. I sold my bus to pay the bills as well as all the debts she incurred running her business.

Three months after the surgery, she conceived.

A week to her delivery, she was booked to have a C-section which was also. We had just finished her father’s funneral in Delta State and I had no penny left because he family milked me dry. I even had to borrow to pay the medical bills. After the delivery, our baby was referred to a specialist which made me to borrow even more money to pay the bills.

Now, our baby is growing well.

The problem now is that 99 percent of the expenses at home are on me. My wife and I are both Bachelor degree holders. She’s even more qualified than I am. I have been telling her to get a job with her qualification but she has refused.

Instead, she is now expecting me to foot the bills of renting and stocking a shop rent with my salary income.

My question is: is this how a marriage works? I have sat her down to advice her gently but it has yielded no result.  This has gotten to the peak from me and I am seriously considering a divorce even though we wedded in church.

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