Press release on attempted murder of Ivie Edobor
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how-my-husband-almost-killed-me-after-separation-with-three-children9Project Alert on Violence Against Women would like to express it’s deepest shock and concern over the almost deadly attack of Ivie Edobor by her estranged husband, John Edobor, a staff of Zenith Bank.

Project Alert first heard of the case through the social media last week Wednesday  (Sept 21st) and immediately swung into action. We established contact with Ivie and visited her last week Friday (Sept 23rd). Ivie in her sitting room, told us her story. She told us how her estranged husband of two years, laid in wait for her outside her home (an apartment she paid rent for and moved in just in April 2016, after living with her father for two years after he threw she and the 3 kids out) up on till 1 am.  Why would a man who is estranged from his wife; and who is not the owner or rent payer of the apartment she occupies, wait outside her house till that time if it is not for criminal purposes?

Ivie who on the fateful day attended her father’s 74th birthday and returned very late, was viciously attacked by  John right outside her gate, with the help of thugs he had earlier bought drinks for and misinformed that the house was his and he had come to confront his wife whom he heard was flirting around.

Several questions to be asked:
1. If John Edobor had no criminal intent, why would he seat outside Ivie ‘ s house till 1 am, to await her return?
2. Why would he incite area boys with drinks and lies in order to get them to join in the attack?
3. According to Ivie, the police said they saw a knife on him, when he was arrested. Why did he have a knife on him?
4. Why would the police charge him with assault occasioning harm when clearly he came to kill his wife and according to Ivie he actually did say “I will kill you today”.
5. What action has Zenith Bank against it’s  staff and also to support Ivie and the children since this incident occurred?
6.  Who will pay the N2.7m hospital bill Ivie incurred during her almost 2 months stay in the hospital?
7. Who will pay for the upkeep of the 3 children she has been solely caring for as their father even yanked them off Zenith medical insurance?

We all must ensure #justiceforIvieEdobor. This is one in too many cases of domestic violence in Nigeria. We can not keep silent in the face of evil. Domestic violence is not a private family matter. It is a crime. We at Project Alert will stand by Ivie through out this trying time of her life.

We solicit media support in ensuring #justiceforIvieEdobor


Josephine Effah-Chukwuma
Executive Director
Project Alert on Violence Against Women

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