Rejuvenated Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic looks to New York
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Novak Djokovic produced one the most magical performances against  Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon semifinals. This made him win the 13th Grand Slam and his fourth Wimbledon win. Djokovic and Nadal share one of the most intense rivalries in tennis history. The two have met 52 times this includes 14 times in the Grand Slam finals. But for Djokovic, he has led in all with a set of 27-25.

The Djokovic Journey This Year


Their five hours 16-minute match was not compelling to watch but they both did prove a point. However, according to Djokovic, Raphael Nadal was the best tennis player in Wimbledon.  If you are a sports bettor, we are sure you had already bet on the Wimbledon matches, especially if you got a bonus from Hollywoodbets.

In the past, we have seen the intensity of the way this Grand Slam title is given to him to celebrate.  But in this year’s tournament, Kevin Anderson gave him some last forehand into the net. He defeated Anderson 6-2, 6-2, 7-6 in the finals. During the Wimbledon tournament, Djokovic left early with the Scots making it possible for Kevin Anderson to make it to the finals.

However, this year it was clear that he is looking to go all the way. His victory did not come as much of a surprise. He had already made up his mind that his efforts and hard work would pay off. And throughout the entire matches, Djokovic had gained his old self. He played like his old self, perhaps because he had refused to undergo surgery on his left elbow.

His coaches Andre Agassi and Radek Stepanek had been convincing him to take up surgery, but he refused, which led to them falling out with them. Instead, he decided to get back with Marian Vajda, his former coach. When Djokovic was asked what made him return to Marian Vajda, he said it was because of their great friendship. Vajda had been his lifelong mentor until Novak Djokovic fired his whole team.

Many players have undergone the same thing.

They face injuries and illnesses that affect their lives and careers. The modern-day players are put under strict diets, health and gym programs that impact their careers. However, the one thing that Novak says kept him on track was his family, who made him believe in himself. He was egged on by his son as Djokovic was handed his fourth Wimbledon trophy.

It was a moment to remember from a man who had been such a great player to a mere husk of himself in 2 years. But this is proof that he is making a comeback. Novak Djokovic had been the lowest ranked man to win the title in 17 years.


What’s Next for Djokovic?

The US Open is just around the corner, and it will be on his favourite turf – that is hardcourt. Since Djokovic got his morale back, we just hope the odds are not against him and he pulls off another victory.

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