Should I Be Afraid of My Pastor’s Prophecy after Being Proposed to?
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couple sex rapeI met my Fiancé online. We got talking, had a date then he proposed. After he proposed, I took him to go and see my Pastor.

My Pastor held some conversation with him and told me afterwards that I can’t marry my Fiancé. His reasons is that it is not safe because he is a Catholic while I am a Pentecostal. No good reason for rejecting him other than that.

Later, my Pastor called me to ask me if I will still like him to pray concerning my boyfriend and I agreed. The next day, he said the Lord told him that the marriage will not last, but if I still want to go ahead that I should be ready to bear the cross. Meanwhile, my introduction will be coming up this month end and my Pastor has asked me to send him 25k so that he can go with me to my village for my official introduction.

My man is really upset about my pastor and has told me that he will be angry with me if my Pastor comes to my village for the introduction. I am only respecting this Pastor and I will like him to be there too. I don’t know even know what to do since he has told me that my marriage will not last. I have been so traumatised since then.


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