Should I Continue To Accept Gifts From A Mother-in-law
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sad-black-woman couple rapeI dated my huband for 3 years and been married for 11 years now with 3 kids. During courtship, my MIL was very nice to me and always bought me gifts. The problem started when I got pregnant with my first child.

She did not want her son to marry me because I am not from their tribe and not a graduate, but my husband and I went ahead with our marriage plans with his dad and other members of the family. His mother did not attend.

When I gave birth, she refused to call or visit my baby and I. I called to ask for her forgiveness if I had wronged her in any way. She said she has forgiven me but she will never have anything to do with me or my kids. Whenever my husband has any problem with her or his siblings, she always blames me for it. She would send me text messages filled with insults and curses. She goes as fas as calling my parents. She tells them to warn me to leave her son alone. My parents would beg her and tell me to go to her house to beg her on my knees just for peace to reign.

Since last year, I have neither called nor visited her because whenever I call, she would ask if I am checking to see if she is dead or still alive. When I visit her, she will say I came to show off. So, I decided to avoid her completely. My husband is even in support of my decision.

Throughout this 11 years of marriage, my MIL has never been to my house, let alone spending the night or eating my food but she will always send presents and food items to me. It’s not that I need them. Last week, she sent me food items again with two ankara materials but this I refused to accept her gifts or even called her to say thank you. I just dumped them somewhere in the house.

Please, I need your advice as I don’t know what to do anymore. Should I continue to accept her presents or should I tell her to stop sending them since she doesn’t want me as her DIL?

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