Where Have I Gone Wrong?
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couple-sex-rapeI keep asking myself where I have gone wrong or is it a crime to love? I have known my husband for 13 years. For seven years, I stood by him when he had nothing with no hope until God blessed him and we finally got married.

I won’t say I have enjoyed my marriage because since we got married, my hubby has changed a lot. He has no regard for me or my people and talks to me anyhow without respect. I have gone through a lot at his hands including verbal, mental and emotional abuse and this is majorly because of his mother.

My husband is a mummy’s boy and believe me when I say that I have tried to please this woman but there’s been no positive outcome. She doesn’t like me or my people. She does not like to see them in my house and feeds her son and anyone who cares to listen lies about me. If I ignore her and try to stay on my own, it is a problem. She and her son will still not let me be.

Recently, I learned that my hubby has been abusing my younger sister, a 14 year-old who lives with me. She told me that anytime I am asleep, he comes into her room to touch and to suck her breasts, although he has never slept with her yet and he didn’t deny this. I called my mother-in-law’s attention to it but she didn’t even see it as anything wrong. Instead, she called her children and started feeding them with wrong information about me and my family. She even said it’s my sister who is going to my husband.

To add insult upon injury, one of her daughters called to tell me that if my brothers try to touch her brother that she’ll call the police to arrest my entire family members. I have been asking God where I have gone wrong to deserve all this. My husband is not even showing any kind of remorse and is stilling cheating on my despite the fact I have 3 kids for him. I don’t even know where to start or what to say. I have tried my best to conceal this matter and forgive him but my MIL will always come and scatter things and her son will let her. What they say is final in my marriage.

What do I do now because I am heart broken, confused and frustrated with no strength to carry on even for my kids. Please advice me because I am losing it.

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