After 10 Years of Marriage and 3 Lovely Kids, My Husband Wants to Ruin Everything
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I have been married for about 10 years now with 3 lovely kids.

Hubby and I have had our fair share of couples’ ups and downs. We both have good jobs and take our fair share in running the home. I have had no reason to suspect my hubby of infidelity throughout our years together.

I have always had access to his phone and always scrolled through regularly for the purpose of calling his attention to delete inappropriate videos shared on some Whatsapp group he’s on because our kids always play with our phones.

Last week, while going through his Whatsapp chats, I saw pictures of a particular woman whose name he stored as Ann. They were pictures taken at an occasion he attended that I couldn’t attend with him because of another engagement I had.

I presumed then that he must have taken the pictures with his phone and sent it to her since it appears they are both members of the same club. I overlooked it since I have never had cause to suspect him of cheating in any way.

After church on Sunday, he told me he was going to see his friend, someone I know. After he got back home, my youngest child was playing with his phone. I collected the phone and went through his chats.

I was so shocked when I saw he had changed the name Ann to a male name and there were many pictures of this Ann taken on that same afternoon which he sent to her again.

Obviously, he had gone out with her and had lied to me he was going to see his friend. He deleted the pictures from his gallery but I was able to get them from the Whatsapp chats. I am so hurt right now. I know now he is definitely nursing the idea of cheating in this marriage.

I am so tempted to confront him right now but I don’t know if that is the wisest thing to do. Should I wait for him to go neck deep into it before I act? I won’t stand infidelity. I have always told him.

I know I might not be perfect but I have been the best wife I can be to him. Why are men so greedy?After 10 years of marriage, you now want to ruin everything with this?

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