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Crude oil price fell yesterday after the ministers of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) opted to wait for the outcome of their today’s meeting with non-OPEC member countries led by the Russian Federation before announcing an oil production cut that is almost inevitable. This is coming as Royal Dutch Shell has concluded that […]

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Nigeria’s economy may be heading for yet another trouble, as oil price plunged to a one-year low of $58.41 a barrel yesterday, down more than 22 percent, following global oversupply. West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark, fell close to $50 a barrel. Oil prices reached an astonishing near all-time low of $28 a barrel in […]

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IF life gives you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade. With God, nothing shall be impossible. Nothing can stand in the way of a man with a dream and determination. These sayings proved true in the life of Dr. Cosmas Maduka, the chairman of Coscharis Group of Companies, a Nigerian conglomerate. Jack of all trade […]

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) yesterday disclosed that it has given access to requests for foreign exchange valued at N1,003,373,891.75 through the inter-bank window to enable respective industries procure industrial raw materials and machine spare-parts. The apex bank said this was done in line with its determination to ensure seamless flow of activities in […]

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With non-performing loans (NPLs) stacking up at Nigerian commercial banks, the country is looking to create a second bad loan vehicle, better known as AMCON 2, but the country faces a tough battle to convince private investors to fund it, S&P Global Market Intelligence has reported. Weak oil prices and exchange rate pressures have restricted […]

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Plantain is very easy to cultivate and maintain unlike other cash crops that requires so much time and money to maintain. This is a low capital agribusiness and almost every Nigerian soil is good for plantain plantation as experience has shown. Therefore, if you have any land with loamy soil, you can start plantain farming […]

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Palm wine business may sound so crazy to some people but the truth is that it generate millions of naira on regular basis. Do it very well and you can become a millionaire in palm wine business in Nigeria. It requires a specialized skill set to pull if off, still, the tappers are not rich […]

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I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step into entrepreneurship. Many keep thinking when is the right time to start and they never get the right time to do it. I believe one of the most important parts of building any business is the ideation stage and being able to move from […]

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Goat farming is one of the most rewarding animal rearing business anyone can engage in anywhere in the world. Goat meats are widely accepted and consumed round the globe, while the milk is also gaining in popularity and is being sold in supermarkets across the United States, Europe and Asia and represent the bulk of […]

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Gadgets and web technologies invaded in our everyday lives so rapidly and naturally that it is complicated to notice and say, when it all happened. The arguments about whether technological progress has more positive or negative effect seem to keep lasting forever, till the end of days. Only one thing is undeniable: it did both, […]

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MMM is an innovative and experimental platform where people donate money directly to each other. There are no investors and no investments in MMM. Money is not invested in any asset. Money is donated to the other person. As MMM members donate money, there are no guarantees that people will be donated back. Everything depends […]