How Do I Get My Money Back From This Pastor?
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I need people’s opinion on how to get my money back from this pastor.

I’m a student. Every January, my house rent and school fees is given to me by my guardian. This year, as usual, I received it and traveled down to school to make payments. After paying my school fees which has a deadline, I went to see my friend, a girl.

I’d planned to move out of my current lodge to a new one, so I didn’t renew my rent. On Sunday, this friend of mine asked me to follow her to her church and I obliged. After the service, the pastor of the church called us on our way home and asked us to come for counseling the next day, we agreed because we had earlier talked about going already.

The next day, we went there and he told me that I have to give an offering of 1k to see him. I gave him the 1k and he asked me what I want God to do for me apart from marriage. Before I could say something, he asked me how much I have in my account. I told him, but then I added that the money is for my house rent. He said the Lord asked him to collect all of it. I thought he was joking but he was speaking so seriously and he started telling me testimonies of people who did same.

I just told him that apart from being a student, I am not gainfully employed and I don’t have anyone on my contact who can give me that kind of money. He asked if I believe in miracles, and if I am doubting God’s word. I then asked him to give me time to think about it but he said this is immediate. He said a lot of things and I was carried away by his words only for me to get myself back immediately after the transfer.

He gave me a soap to bath with and told me he is going to give me a perfume later which he didn’t. He said that I’m going to enjoy using those. When we got home, I started thinking about it and I started complaining to my friend. She went there the next day and after speaking to the pastor, she came back and told me that the pastor will refund my money.

It’s been almost 3 weeks and school has resumed, lectures are on going but the man hasn’t sent me my money yet. I have been calling and sending him text messages only for him to reply, that he is trying to help me because he knows I need help, but he won’t send it back if I continue calling him, that I should allow him do so whenever he pleases.

I’m so disturbed now because I’m missing classes and can’t go back to school because I don’t have a place to stay. I have moved my things to a neighbor’s house. Please what should I do?

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