I Thought We Were Building Our Lives Together Until I Made This Shocking Discovery
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Should this marriage continue after I made this shocking discovery about my husband’s evil plans? I thought we were building our lives together.

Hubby and I are both bankers and we’ve been married for 6 years now with two kids. Though it hasn’t been easy, we have managed to build 2 houses and acquired another 2 plots of land together.

We decided to buy a plot in his mother’s name and put up a building for her in the village so that his family won’t be left out. Only for me to discover a will my hubby made willing all our properties to his two nephews. They are to be held in trust for my kids until they are 21-years-old.

I feel I have wasted my life. I have forgone all the pleasures in life to help this man and he betrays me. The most painful thing is he has only his name on all our documents except one building.

In the will, he stated that his share in that jointly owned property should be given to his nephews to hold in trust for my kids. I asked him why he did that and it became a fight. I decided not talk about it again but I can’t hold it anymore.

I have laboured, I have suffered and I have nothing to show for it. I intend getting a divorce so that I can get 50% of the properties. Please I need help and sound counsel.

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