I’m Not Happy But Should I Keep Doing This Just To Please My Father
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I am not happy about what my father wants me to do. Should I keep doing it just to please him?

I am in a state of confusion. It started when I was in the third year of Junior Secondary School, JSS 3. I wanted to choose the Arts but my dad insisted I choose the Sciences. When I refused, my dad beat me up until I agreed to go. I’m not regretting that I settled for the sciences.

After secondary school, I could not get admission into the University, so I went to a Polytechnic. I studied Animal Health Production and finished with a good result. After getting my HND, my dad said I have to go to the University to study Medicine but I refused. I told him that I would prefer going to the University for my Masters, rather than going back to 100 level.

But Dad insisted and bought the Direct entry form. I was already serving as a corper before the admission came out. I was to start at 200 level. Dad paid my school fees without my knowledge. Later, he came and begged me to just do it to make him proud. He was on my neck, so I had to go.

He reworked my NYSC to his office to reduce the stress for me.

Then, I resumed school and finished with the first semester. School became hectic for me as I trying to cope with studying medicine, doing my NYSC and planning a wedding all at the same time. I lost weight due to the stress. I couldn’t cope anymore, so I left school and bought a form to do a Masters Degree. My dad got to find out through my uncle in my department. He called me and told me that if I don’t go back to that school, he would disown me. My mom told me that he has told everyone in the family not to pick my calls again and that I am no longer welcome into the house. I am married now but I do not know if I should do as my father wishes just for peace to reign. I don’t like to study medicine, I am just doing it for him.

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