By admin On 20 Jan, 2000 At 01:01 PM | Categorized As | With 0 Comments is willing to partner with organisations to distribute content.

The goal of Babsol Newspaper is to help businesses get the publicity they need online.

We distribute your news release all over the web so you can be found by prospects, journalists and bloggers searching for your kind of business and business news to cover.

The more press release you send, the more you will expand your reach and publicity.

We are willing to partner with your organisations for the staging of grand events around the world.

To forge our partnership we request you list us on your business letter, website and event banner as your Content Distribution Partners.

With the astonishing variety of news platform for consuming content (the web, smartphones, e-readers, ipad, etc.), businesses are thinking about alternative distribution channels for their content in other to meet current business goals.

Join our community of creative individuals across the globe who are just as passionate about their surroundings as you are.

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