re There Any Red Flags In My Relationship That I Should Pay Attention To
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Are there any red flags in my relationship with my boyfriend that I ought to be paying attention to? I need your help as I assume that you all have passed through this stage I’m at now and you know how to tackle a situation like mine.

I’m into a relationship, and from all his actions, it looks like he loves me. The thing is he only shows me that he loves me only when we are alone together.
We are in long distance relationship and I only get to see him once in a while. Whenever I come around, he wants to know if I’m cheating on him. So, he collects my phone from me and start checking all my SMS, Whatsapp and the rest. When he finds an unusual text maybe from a toaster, he does not take it lightly.

Meanwhile, he has got two phones which are both locked and passworded and won’t let me have access to them. (I don’t bother anyways).
Now, my problem is, he doesn’t call to know how I’m doing, unless I call or flash him (this does not happen not all the time) and he is not generous to me. I’m not the type who would ask but that shouldn’t stop him from been generous. He knows he’s not doing well in that are and he promises to change when the time comes.

He’s never given me any reason to be suspicious or maybe he’s being too careful or smooth. Recently, I asked him about his plans for me and he said that I should finish my school first, but if I really want to know, he would like me to get pregnant for him first and we will take the next step from there.
He knows I’m not ready for marriage now and even if I’m ready, I won’t start with pregnancy. I have my prestige.

Now my question is, do you think this really loves me? Would you advise me to continue in the relationship with him? Even though he’s always apologizing for his attitude towards me and tells me that he loves me and would come running back to me no matter what. Are there any red flags from my story so far that I ought to pay attention to? I need you to advice me before I make a mistake?

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